Professor Gwyneth Davies is Inflammation and Immunity’s Lead researcher for Wales.

She is also the HDR UK Training Lead for the Inflammation and Immunity Driver Programme and for Wales.

As Professor of Respiratory Medicine at Swansea University Medical School, Gwyn’s expertise lies in understanding the epidemiology, underlying ‘omics’ and health inequalities of respiratory diseases – particularly Asthma. She has substantial experience collaborating with a range of UK-based and international partners.

Her research currently focuses on improving respiratory health to reduce inequalities in care, by using health data to target and evaluate health interventions.

Outside of the programme, Gwyn is also the founding Director of the Wales Asthma Observatory within the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) Databank. In 2020, Gwyn was recognised for her contributions towards improving NHS care and services when she received the Bronze Clinical Excellence Award from the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (2019-2024).

“Respiratory conditions are sadly very common in Wales and the wider UK. This is a great opportunity to harness the full potential of the UK’s extensive health data. This will allow us to learn who is most at risk and how environmental factors impact people. We can use health data to target and test interventions to improve respiratory health initially and reduce inequalities in care”.