Dr Philip Quinlan has developed a career in data systems for biomedical research and currently is the Director of Health Informatics at the University of Nottingham. He has been pioneering federated tools at scale in covid across some of the leading data resources in the UK. The digital research service, which he leads, is an exciting core service supporting researchers from across the University and goes far beyond biomedical research and includes building data pipelines to support the dairy herd on the University farm to helping to establish the UKs best HGV drivers from data collected in telematrix boxes. All the work has a data challenge and stems from the Advanced Data Analysis Centre (ADAC).

Career Highlights:

  • 2004: BSc in (Hons) Applied Computing, University of Dundee
  • Oct 2004 – Jan 2010: Data Manager for the Tayside Tissue Bank and breast cancer research
  • Jan 2010 – June 2014: Principle Investigator and IT Lead for the Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank (BCCTB)
  • 2013: PhD in Applied Computing (Medical Informatics), University of Dundee
  • June 2014 – May 2018: Chief Technical Officer, ADAC, University of Nottingham