Peter Mesenbrink, PhD is an Executive Director of Biostatistics at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation in East Hanover, New Jersey. Peter received his Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the University of Vermont in 1989 and a PhD in Statistics from North Carolina State University in 1995 under the direction of Professor Jye-Chyi Lu. He joined Novartis in 1995 (then Ciba-Geigy),first working in Neuroscience Biostatistics and in Immunology, Hepatology, and Dermatology since 2001.

In his current position he is Therapeutic Area Head of Biostatistics for Transplantation and Hepatology. Peter has active research interests in statistical methodology for estimands/handling of missing data, design of group sequential and adaptive/platform designs, machine learning methods, use of historical controls, methods for analysis of rare events, and how to maximize the sharing of data in the external scientific community. Peter is actively involved in finding the best solutions for providing effective treatments and solve the unanswered scientific questions that have arisen during the Covid-19 pandemic. Peter has authored and co-authored around 40 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and is a statistical reviewer for several peer-reviewed journalsand in 2021 is the editor of the ASA Biopharm Report.