My name is Oseodion Ogbebor. I am a Doctor of Pharmacy and I recently completed a master’s degree in Global Public Health from the University of Greenwich. I am interested in international development, health equity, health data science, digital health, research and policy. Having lived in Nigeria and Ghana, I have witnessed the negative impact an inadequate and inequitable health system can have on its citizens. I am passionate about health equity and equal access to healthcare for everyone.

I am interested in how health data can improve global health. Global health data research and analysis can help inform better policy, financing, and research decisions to effectively address gaps in health service delivery and improve health equity. Through this programme, I am looking forward to exploring and gaining a practical experience in health data research and analysis, especially in the context of public health.

I volunteer for various non-profit organisations aiming to improve health and quality of life. I am also a ONE UK youth ambassador lending my voice to campaigns advocating on global issues such as extreme poverty, global health and climate justice. I am committed to reducing health inequalities and providing equitable opportunities for a healthy life so everyone can live to their fullest potential.