With a Bachelor’s in Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics plus a passion for technology, I am poised for a career in technology and automation in healthcare. My pharmacological expertise ensures a deep understanding of drug effects, crucial in developing innovative devices to improve patient outcomes. Combined with tech skills, I aim to harness automation, AI, and data analysis to create cutting-edge devices for precise drug administration and optimise treatment protocols. I hope to contribute to smart, interconnected devices that gather real-time patient data, empowering healthcare professionals and patients alike. By merging pharmacology and technology, I plan to lead the charge in revolutionising healthcare, making a lasting impact on the industry and transforming medical care.

Throughout my internship, I hope to gain application skills for health data science including data analysis and expand my network. I am hopeful I will gain knowledge on improving healthcare outcomes and optimising personalised healthcare.

Noella is an intern with: