Bio: I am currently an undergraduate chemistry student at Durham University. This internship affords me with the opportunity to combine my passion for science and technology and contribute towards the vastly important study of epidemiology. I look forward to gaining an insight into the responsibilities of a data scientist and the use of AI to analyse real world data. During this internship I will gain invaluable experience in data analysis and a strong skill set towards a career within health data science.

Project: Clustering risk factors for water, sanitation, and hygiene to understand infection risk for schistosomiasis in Uganda with Dr Goylette Chami at University of Oxford.

Schistosomiasis is a debilitating set of conditions, caused by parasitic blood flukes. Over 700 million people are at risk and most of these individuals live in sub-Saharan Africa. Transmission occurs with human contact and contamination of open freshwater sites. Infections persist because individuals do not have sufficient access to safe water or adequate sanitation. Together with the Uganda Ministry of Health, we are tracking individuals in 36 rural villages of Uganda to understand the factors that relate to their likelihood of getting infected. The aim is to understand and statistically investigate how water, sanitation, and hygiene risk factors cluster together and how this clustering is important for infection risk.