Graduating from the University of Warwick with a degree in History and Sociology, Michelle’s experience lies in the education sector. Having worked with the Department of Children, Schools and Families in their 14-19 Strategy and Implementation team on creating and delivering a new 14-19 education policy, she joined the Teach First graduate teaching program, aimed at tackling educational disadvantage.

Michelle has taught in secondary schools across London since. In Michelle’s first school, as research lead, she explored how research could be used to support progress, focussing particularly on supporting EAL students. Following this, Michelle has taken on roles such as Deputy Head of Faculty and Key Stage 3 then 4 Coordinator. She has managed a number of projects in the education sector such as, creating a new data tracking system for her faculty, widening participation of key groups of students to university and creating and implementing a new Key Stage 3 assessment model.