Jianqiao is ambitious to help break new ground in machine learning – and applied for the HDR UK PhD programme because it would give him the chance to pursue his goals.

His interest in health data science began as an undergraduate and developed further during his time as a master’s student at University College London.

A particular area of interest in medical imagery and whether machine learning can help identify causal links in illnesses, helping to advance diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

In particular Jianqiao was delighted to have the chance to work with Dr Max Little, a Birmingham-based expert and Associate Director of the HDR UK-Turing Wellcome PhD Programme team.

He also has a strong sense of the need for a strong science research community to able to bring improvements to the world right now and for generations to come.

Jianqiao said: “I am aware that we are living in this world for a very short time and you should treasure the opportunities given to you.

“One way is to do some research and build foundations for the future, so future scientists can stand on our shoulders, see broader horizons, and achieve greater advances.”

His three-year doctoral research project is likely to involve looking at how to ensure that AI technology can provide accurate and reliable data on causality and causation in illness.

Once his PhD is complete Jianqiao is considering going on to postdoctoral research.