Dr Will Whiteley is a clinical epidemiologist at the University of Edinburgh and a consultant neurologist in NHS Lothian. Will is funded by a personal fellowship from the CSO (Scottish Senior Fellowship) and is a senior research fellow at the Nuffield Department of Population Health in the University of Oxford. His work is to elucidate the causes, treatments and consequence of cerebrovascular diseases. With colleagues in Imperial College London, University of Oxford, and Population Health Research Institute, McMaster University, Will has led the very long term follow up of large randomised trials of vascular preventative treatment to new outcomes (particularly dementia) measured in electronic records. With colleagues in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, he has helped to develop natural language processing algorithms to code brain imaging reports in Scotland, which he hopes to use for national-level epidemiology, quality improvement and for recruitment to clinical trials. Will is developing trials recruiting patients based on electronic record algorithms, and automated means of delivering therapy and measuring outcomes.