Dr Watjana Lilaonitkul’s research focuses on developing and implementing machine learning and computational statistical algorithms to analyse high-dimensional time-series health data for scientific discovery and translation to medical support technology. Specifically, the work focuses on three aspects: Adaptive and scalable algorithms for increasing large and increasingly complex data; Robust inferencing algorithms with various safety measures; Usable software infrastructure for the health science and medical community. There are currently four streams of research. (i) Algorithms to learn individualised antimicrobial treatment regimens to optimise patient outcome and minimise unnecessary antimicrobial use in hospitals. (ii) AI-backed computer assisted disease progression prediction in inherited eye diseases (iii) Human-in-the-loop multimodal early detection of pre-malignant and malignant colonic lesions (iv) Building a pharmacokinetic database using natural language processing to enable large-scale machine learning research in drug development.