Dr Tracy Jackson is Inflammation and Immunity’s Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Lead, tasked with creating and implementing our PPI strategy. She is supported by our PPI Officer, Anna Crawford.

Dedicated and highly experienced, Tracy’s comprehensive approach to PPI will help ensure that projects within our programme produce high-quality, impactful research that is relevant to the people it is meant to benefit.

To do this, Tracy will identify and facilitate opportunities for the patient, public and community members to share their insights and be meaningfully involved across all areas of our programme. This includes collaborating with our Lay Lead Karen Mooney in attending all steering group (senior management) meetings, ensuring that a culture of listening to, and acting upon, public voices begins from the top-down.

Tracy will also coordinate with existing PPI groups and networks to run a range of activities that will shape our research, as well as engage with a wider audience to highlight the work being carried out.

“I will work together with patients and members of the public to support the driver programme to produce research that matters.”

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