What surprised David about his PhD programme foundation year was the level of trust places in students.

A key feature of the 4-year programme is the chance to take part in real-world projects from an early stage. As one of his projects David was part of a small group using anonymised NHS patient data to carry out a large-scale survival analysis of COVID-19 patients.

David sees this as a positive, distinctive and potentially unique aspect of the HDRUK-Turing Welcome PhD. It’s an approach that he feels makes study genuinely purposeful and means that students get invaluable experience for their future careers.

David’s is currently considering his thesis proposal, and thinks it may involve applying deep learning to a current healthcare problem.

David’s background

David has a background in physics from the University of Manchester and experience in healthcare data science from his master’s degree project.

He is an avid supporter of his local football team, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and is a regular gym goer.