Cedric gained a BSc in ‘Physics with Theoretical Physics’ which gave me a taste for difficult questions and rigorous academic studies. He pursued and enjoyed a successful career as a teacher in the secondary sector with much of this time spent as a senior school leader.

Cedric will begin his PhD studies in January 2024. This PhD project will bring together his practitioner expertise and his research interests which are data science, young people’s health, and environmental epidemiology.

More specifically, Cedric is interested in the effective use of clinical and environmental information to solve problems for individuals and society. His research will contribute to the movement of research beyond the description of problems and into data-driven predictions. This will enable the development of interventions before health issues arise.

Project Information

Research Driver Programme: Inflammation and Immunity

Title: Investigation of the socio-economic drivers of inequalities in asthma in Wales with a focus on young people.


This project will examine how the health of people suffering with asthma depends upon the circumstances of their lives. It will examine factors such as air quality and living conditions. The intention is that it will be possible to predict and prevent the impact of asthma before the lives of young people are negatively impacted.

What is your motivation for undertaking this project and how will this funding impact your research?

The overall aim of this project is to improve young people’s health and to reduce the health and socio-economic inequalities that exist in our society. My research will contribute evidence to enable the design of interventions before the chances of a good life, enjoyable education and access to work are reduced or removed. In addition, the research will improve the effectiveness of the health system to improve lives and to make the best use of resources.