I am an aspiring leader in the field of health data analytics with interest in biomedicine. I hold a Master’s degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

As a Field Application Specialist and Biomedical Scientist, I have witnessed the transformative potential of healthcare data first-hand. These roles have provided me a platform to observe the direct impact of data-driven decisions on patient outcomes, and the nuanced challenges of applying data responsibly and effectively.

At HDRUK, I am eager to delve into the intersection of health data science and technology.

My goal during this internship is to learn from leading experts in health data science, contribute to impactful projects, and refine my abilities in managing large-scale data analytics projects.

This opportunity at HDRUK is a perfect fit for my career aspirations, which include furthering advancements in medical diagnostics and patient care through innovative data-driven solutions. I look forward to contributing to and learning from the esteemed team at HDRUK

Adaobi is an intern with: