Communications matters in everything that we do!

From the largest, boldest billboard to a subtle flick of a wrist…and everything in between. Communication is important because it allows us to inform, educate, direct and even entertain – but at its core, it’s about engaging with others and forming meaningful relationships and connections.

Our goals at Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) are no different. At every opportunity, we’re supporting interaction with researchers, technologists, funders, members of the public and with each other – we’re working collaboratively in ways previously unattempted.

Our challenge is to successfully do all of the above, while fostering a one institute, team science approach – but are we up to the challenge?

What are HDR UK’s communications goals?

Our overarching objective is to position HDR UK as a leading, international institute for health data research with increasing global recognition for science, discovery and impact on patient and population healthcare by 2020. Making this happen is going to require a joined-up effort, so our developing strategy aims to:

  • Showcase Health Data Research UK as a single, national, data-driven institute
  • Create a community of health data experts to meet the real-world needs of patients, clinicians, researchers and industry
  • Position health data research as critical to our understanding, preventing, diagnosing and treating disease, plus demonstrating the impact it has on people’s lives
  • Continue to build support for the future of health data research

How are we supporting this?

The home page of HDR UK with children smiling and feet jogging
Health Data Research UK website

Last week, we launched a new-look website. We now have a vibrant, fresh, fit-for purpose platform to highlight our work, share information about the institute and individuals, whilst demonstrating our commitment to team science.


First page of the newsletter with scientists pointing to imags of data on a large screen
Hive Newsletter

In parallel, we also developed a monthly newsletter called Hive! We’ve created a clear, easy to follow format that summarises news, events and opportunities that are delivered directly to your inbox.

You don’t have to be a member of the Health Data Research UK community to enjoy it. We want to be open and transparent about our activities, so sign up to join our mailing list.



These are just two examples of our ongoing, and developing communications approach which also includes communities of practice; collaboration tools that allow us to meet and connect with others virtually; in-person and online events; our YouTube channel and of course, these opinion pages.

We’re also very keen to hear your news, stories and examples of how health data science is improving lives, so please let us know!