Our Health Data Science Black Internship Programme – ran in partnership with 10,000 Black Interns initiative – provides an exciting opportunity to not only help to tackle the heavy underrepresentation of Black people within the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) sector, but to also provide early career Black data scientists with the experience they need to kick-start their careers.

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Already, we have confirmed 10 passionate host organisations to join us in bringing talented health data scientists to the rapidly expand health data science sector. The confirmed organisations include Barts Life Sciences at Barts Health NHS Trust/ Queen Mary University of London’, Imperial College Health Partners, The Rosalind Franklin Institute, Gut-Reaction Health Data Research Hub and at NIHR BioResource, The Digital Research Service at the University of Nottingham, Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) Centre – Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick/Pathlake Centre, Environment Agency, Our Future Health, Pioneer Health Data Research Hub for Acute Care and The Alleviate Advanced Pain Discovery Platform (APDP).

Planned for the summer of 2022, this programme will offer interns a high-quality, eight-week internship with one of our host organisations. All interns will be paid at London Living Wage as a minimum. Interns will not only learn about health data science in action but will also carry out their own clearly defined research projects.

We look forward to another successful year of our Health Data Science Black Internship Programme, and to welcoming both interns and host organisations to the programme.

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