The event was chaired by Gerry Reilly, HDR UK Chief Technology Officer and Ben Gordon, Digital Innovation Hub Programme Director, and was fully attended by representatives of the Sprint Exemplar projects. The progress of the projects since the first Sprint Exemplar Day on the 7 May 2019 has been exemplary. The five-minute lightning updates provided by the Sprint teams, showcased the huge amount of progress made by each project and highlighted the ongoing successes alongside the barriers faced and indeed overcome with positive solutions and teamwork across organisations and institutions.

An extremely positive day with Sprint teams fully engaging with the agenda and breakout sessions, pitching ideas for the final unconference element led to twelve topics from across the room and voting for the two available sessions was upbeat.

The day provided an excellent environment for the Sprint teams to engage in open and honest discussions together; sharing the leanings, commonalities and issues going forward for the projects. This engendered in-depth, rewarding and timely sessions, which has led to the formation of new connections between Sprint projects and solutions for issues some of the projects are currently working through.


The initial sessions on the day were built from discussions with Sprint projects leads and two sessions ran concurrently with attendees choosing which matched their requirements. Sessions included problem-solving issues such as Data Curation, adopting change, data-linkage and generalisability.

Importantly, there was also a session on Public Engagement for Data. This session focused on moving the public engagement conversation forward, public trust as co-design, patient ownership of data and engaging the practitioner and clinicians. Alongside this there was an open session on Data Linkage and Ethics; ensuring that conversations were being had around the barriers surrounding consent, data-sharing, common law and legalities.

The final Sprint Exemplar reporting day is scheduled for the 12 December 2019. This will focus on celebrating the successes of the projects, showcasing case studies and the technologies developed and continuing integration into the Digital Innovation Hub Programme.

For more information about our seven Sprint Exemplar Projects and the work they are doing, please visit our Sprint Exemplar page.