This baseline of research outputs for 2018 will enable us to describe Health Data Research UK’s impact in the future.

Researchfish is an online scientific output recording tool for researchers, scientists and data engineers to use to log the outputs of their health data research activities; including research tools, methods, databases, models, apps, software, use of facilities, patents, partnerships/collaborations, as well as publications in scientific journals. Health Data Research UK is committed to collecting and reporting technology outputs and will use Github for sharing these.

We would like to thank everyone who has logged their research outputs over the past few weeks. More than 40 research leads who were asked to support this baseline review submitted their outputs – an outstanding 100% contribution. Separately, 46 UKRI Innovation and Rutherford Fellows working across HDR UK also submitted their research outputs.

Next year, the whole Health Data Research UK community will be asked to report through Researchfish on the outputs of their work. In the meantime, we look forward to reporting back when the current submissions have been analysed.