Health Data Research UK’s (HDR UK) Attribution Policy has now been published after consultation with the community. Thank you to all those who have provided input. It applies to all those supported by Health Data Research UK in their research and tech development.

As set out in this blog, the policy aims to recognise Health Data Research UK’s outputs, acknowledge the underpinning team science and ensure the use of patient data is cited.

Researchers and technologists who are supported by HDR UK are asked to follow the policy, including:

  1. List Health Data Research UK as one of your affiliated institutions on publications, as well as source of funding
  2. Send in your ORCID number
  3. Use the patient data citation to properly acknowledge the role of patients and the public
  4. Start sharing your code on the Health Data Research UK GitHub repositories and encourage others to do so. Be constructive and polite when you comment on other people’s code – make your fellow Health Data Research UK members glad they shared their code. Wherever we are in the country, whichever career stage we’re at and whatever our expertise, we’re all part of one Health Data Research UK community.

Read the full Attribution Policy