Health Data Research UK is delighted to announce the appointments of Angela Coulter as Chair and Sarah Brooke as Deputy Chair of its Public Advisory Board.

Formed in January 2019, the role of the Public Advisory Board is to provide strategic advice to Health Data Research UK in earning and building public trust through involving patients and the public in its work.

Angela Coulter is an NHS patient and a health services researcher with experience in studying patient and public views of healthcare, their experiences and outcomes, for which she has an international reputation.  Angela has been the interim chair of the Public Advisory Board since it was established and has provided valuable advice, support and challenge to Health Data Research UK on various projects and initiatives.

As a mother of 3 children and as someone with a long-term condition herself, Sarah Brooke is a regular user of NHS services. She has a keen interest in the ethical use of personal data in the face of increased use of that data in the delivery of public services. She also believes passionately in the involvement of the public in shaping public services.  Sarah has supported Health Data Research UK on the development of its Digital Innovation Hub programme and was involved in the selection process for the Health Data Research Hubs.

Angela and Sarah bring considerable experience to their roles and will continue to be valuable advisors to Health Data Research UK.

Health Data Research UK is recruiting new members to join its Public Advisory Board, with a specific focus on representatives from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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