Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of Our Hub for Eye Health INSIGHT, Prof. Alastair Denniston, alongside Hussein Ibrahim, Xiaoxuan Liu, Nevine Zariffa and Prof Andrew D Morris, recently released their Viewpiont in The Lancet Digital Health on ‘Health data poverty’.

In this Viewpoint, Prof. Alastair Denniston and fellow authors discuss the power of data-driven digital health technologies in transforming health care and how these tools have the potential to provide everyone, everywhere, with equitable access to expert-level care, narrowing the global health and wellbeing gap.

The authors assert that health data poverty is a threat to global health which could even lead to data-driven digital health technology harm. The authors argue that the time to act is now to avoid creating a digital health divide that exacerbates existing health-care inequalities and to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital era.



leaving no one behind in the digital health era

Health data poverty: an assailable barrier to equitable digital health care

Notes for editors

Health data poverty: the inability for individuals, groups, or populations to benefit from a discovery or innovation due to the scarcity of representative data.

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