Get a competitive edge with a data science apprenticeship

Data skills are in huge demand as employers recognise that they are the route to growth and development. However, there is a UK-wide shortage of people with the right skills.

As a result the ability to work with data is now the most in-demand skill across all tech jobs. A recent article Bridging the Data Skills Gap, explores the opportunities open to those with the right training.

We have partnered with education provider Cambridge Spark who specialise in workforce data science education and deliver a 15-month Level 7 AI & Data Science apprenticeship, which allows staff to gain the skills employers need the most whilst earning a wage. The apprenticeship is funded by the Apprenticeship Levy and provides the advanced skills needed to discover and devise new data-driven AI solutions.

The apprenticeship is for teams who are already using Python to work with complex datasets on a regular basis, and employees looking to apply the latest cutting-edge data science and AI tools in their work.

So what do you get? A Level 7 Apprenticeship is an advanced qualification, equivalent to a master’s degree. The apprenticeships have specific outcomes that enable organistions to:

  • Identify and devise data-driven AI solutions to address opportunities and customer needs
  • Use data science and AI techniques to automate and optimise processes
  • Build capability to enable and deploy AI across the organisation
  • Drive growth with AI solutions to address business opportunities
  • Reduce costs through automating and optimising manual processes.

Find out more about the apprenticeship here. Apply by 21 October 2022 to join the next cohort.

Dr Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Founder & CEO Cambridge Spark, said: “Data science is an important part of growth in the health sector. Through our partnership with HDR UK, we have been able to work together to help support this growth and educate the industry on the impact machine learning can have in areas such as medical research, pharmaceutical advancement and patient care.

“As an early supporter of the L7 Data Science and AI Apprenticeship, HDR UK has helped us signpost the opportunity for healthcare professionals to upskill and further progress their career development.”

This matters to HDR UK – we want the UK to be a world-leader in data science, with a diverse, representative, highly trained workforce pursuing rewarding careers.

HDR UK staff take apprenticeships

Several members of our staff are undergoing apprenticeships with Cambridge Spark themselves. Steph Parrot, Senior Manager – Marketing and User Insights, is taking the Cambridge Spark Level 3 Data Citizen qualification. She said: “I’m really pleased to have had the opportunity to do the apprenticeship.

“It has taught us the fundamentals of data and the value that data can bring to businesses – and this core understanding will be invaluable to our careers. We are just moving into modules where we are applying this knowledge to our day to day roles, and I can already see the value it is going to have.

“The support from the Cambridge Spark staff is excellent, both my mentors, Joanne and Ajith, have provided me with advice and coaching and have definitely helped keep me motivated.”

A growing partnership

We are working closely with Cambridge Spark in other areas as well as the apprenticeships. We have provided experts from our community of health data scientists to talk at Cambridge Spark’s Industry Insights sessions where learners hear from thought leaders in their respective fields. Among them is HDR UK Chief Technology Officer Professor Emily Jefferson who spoke on “Overcoming the challenges of providing access to population scale, routinely collected health data for research and AI development whilst protecting patient confidentiality”.

We have also partnered with Cambridge Spark to create webinars including Data Science in Practice Webinar: Applying skills to healthcare problems and What it means to work in a Trusted Research Environment. More are planned for the future.

We are working together to bring more added value to apprentices moving forward. Make sure you are signed up to the HDR UK Training Newsletter to stay informed.

Try out HDR UK Futures

Our HDR UK Futures virtual learning platform contains a growing library of bitesize videos in a range of topics featuring experts at the cutting edge of health data science. If you have been interested in the topics covered by the apprenticeship programme you may be interested in the following videos: