Almost 8 million people in the UK live with heart and circulatory disease and every three minutes someone dies from the condition. Advances in cardiovascular research therefore have enormous potential to improve the nation’s health as well as patient quality of life.

However, there are an endless range of potential research questions to explore. Research priorities help guide funding bodies, research groups and ethics committees in deciding which studies to support.

The Public Survey: What matters to you?

The BHF Data Science Centre uses data to address some of the most pressing challenges in heart and circulatory health research and public input in our work is key to its success.

If you are a patient, or a member of the public, we want to find out what types of research are most important to you.

Please have YOUR say by completing this short survey.

The Professionals’ Survey: Cardiovascular Imaging

We are also looking for a diverse group of researchers and professionals who are involved in fields related to cardiovascular disease, clinical care, imaging and data science to help us prioritise imaging research.

In early 2022, we asked “What are the most important research questions that cardiovascular imaging should be used to address?”

We gathered opinions from a diverse range of stakeholders, including researchers, patients, academics, clinicians and members of the public. We now need the help of the health and research community to help rank these questions and establish meaningful national research priorities for cardiovascular imaging research.

Help us by completing our survey here.

Your input is incredibly important, and we look forward to sharing the results later in the year.