As signatories of the Technician Commitment, Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) is proud to unveil a new Action Plan that outlines how the institute will support the vital work and careers of technologists within the health data research sector.

Technologists, including Research Software Engineers (RSEs), play an invaluable role in driving innovation and advancing scientific research and their contributions are fundamental to the success of UK health data research. Recognising their significance, HDR UK has developed an action plan to ensure that technologists receive the support, resources, and recognition they deserve.

This Technician Commitment Action Plan embodies HDR UK’s commitment to addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by technologists in the health data research field.

Professor Emily Jefferson, Chief Technology Officer HDR UK, said: “Technologists and the data infrastructure, software and services they build enables the research outputs which advance our understanding of diseases, improve patient care and drive innovation in healthcare.

HDR UK is delighted to be a signatory of the Technician Commitment and to further engage with our community to empower technologists, nurture their professional development and amplify their impact. Our goal is to build a thriving technology ecosystem fuelling health data science research outputs which improve people’s lives.”

Some key highlights of HDR UK’s Technician Commitment Action Plan include:

  • Building an HDR UK Technology Ecosystem community with recognised members and regular meetings and communications including an in-person careers & networking event
  • Profile individuals from groups and backgrounds currently underrepresented in technical roles within health data science on social media and the website.
  • The HDR UK Technology team, Training team and BHF Data Science Centre will host interns as part of the Black Internship Programme 2023
  • Including a technology stream in HDR UK’s annual science conference which will allow our technologists to highlight their work and contribution
  • Developing tailored technologist-focused bitesize video learning pathways and other free E-learning materials via Health Data Research Futures
  • Linking to training and community engagement initiatives of organisations such as the Software Sustainability Institute and Society of Research Software Engineering

Lars Murdock, Health Data Scientist at the BHF Data Science Centre, said: “As a technologist I am pleased to see HDR UK show commitment to providing technologists support with their careers and provide assurance that the work we do is valued and recognised. I am looking forward to seeing how HDR UK can help me to progress my career in a thriving and supportive technological community.”

Find out more about the Technician Commitment and read HDR UK’s Action Plan