As a child growing up in Hong Kong Diogo knew that she wanted a future in science – the question was which branch?

This was answered after an undergraduate introduction to bioinformatics and genome science led her to apply for the MSc in Precision Medicine: Genomics and Analytics at The University of Leeds.

Diogo Ann Onuselogu

She said: “I knew I wanted to do something computational after that, because of the potential of computational biology or just big data analytics in the field of biology and health. It has such potential to answer significant biological and healthcare problems – it’s just amazing to me.”

Diogo not only succeeded in gaining a place on the course but was awarded an HDR UK scholarship.

She has found that she’s deeply interested in all the modules and feels that the comprehensive mix of academic study, real-world projects and industry placement opportunities is “exciting” and “challenging”, providing an excellent foundation for a future career.

She hopes that some of her MSc work will result in an academic publication.

Once the MSc is complete Diogo hopes to work in the UK to gain further experience before going on to take a PhD.

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