5 December, UseMyData event, Attended by Caroline Cake

Location: Leeds

It was a great opportunity to meet with the UseMyData community of patients, carers and relatives in Leeds and listen to their requirements, expectations and experiences with making data available for research and innovations to improve patient care. They welcomed the progress in improving data discoverability through the Innovation Gateway and improving data quality through the Hubs and the Alliance, and provided great suggestions in how patients and members of the public can be engaged in decision making around the use of data.

5 December, Public Advisory Board Meeting, Hosted by HDR UK

Location: London

5 December saw the coming together of all of the Public and Patient Engagement leads for each of the Health Data Research Hubs in order to present and discuss their strategy for PPIE with our Public Advisory Board. The board were then given the opportunity to ask questions about each strategy to aid its development and ensure that Public Engagement remains at the heart of our development.

Our Public Advisory Board also discussed plans to recruit a perminant Chair of the Public Advisory Board to be announced in early 2020.

12 December, Sprint Exemplar Day Three, Hosted by HDR UK

Location: London

At our third and final Sprint Exemplar Day on 12 December, representatives from each Sprint Project came together to celebrate what they have achieved over the past 12 months and share their progress, challenges and strategies for future works. The Sprints were given just 12 months to deliver their ‘proof of concept’ projects, covering a variety of areas, from joining up A&E and paramedic patient information for epilepsy sufferers to using a hospital-wide smartphone application to enhance clinical responses. Case studies from each of the Sprint Projects will be published on our website over the coming weeks. Read more about the Sprint Exemplar Projects.

18 December, Science Strategy Board, led by Dani Blatt

Location: Online

On the 18th of December, the Science Strategy Board met via Zoom for the final time in 2019. We discussed the key elements of the strategy refresh and the new infographics, a big debate was whether it represented all our priorities clearly enough. We then moved into discussing the delivery of our strategy, and what meaningful measures would look like for our federated science programmes. We agreed that we need to define these carefully and clearly, and this will be a big piece of work for the teams in 2020.

SSB members also reflected on the challenges of the recent media coverage with regards to patient data. There was consensus that key to our ethos is consistent messaging and approach which show our commitment to protecting patient data.

19 December HDR UK Non-Executive Board Meeting, led by Victoria Platt

Location: London

A meeting of the HDR UK Board was held on 19th December. The agenda included discussion of the Digital Innovation Hubs Programme, the 2020/21 strategy re-fresh, plans for our Establishment review, our Key Performance Indicators and 2019/20 management accounts. The Board also approved the 2018/19 financial statements.