Given the announcement by RMT of national rail strikes on 13-14 December we are reviewing our arrangements for this event. The conference will go ahead on 14 December and we will confirm early next week whether this will be a fully virtual or hybrid event as planned.



The last few years have demonstrated the enormous power of data to advance medical knowledge and deliver radical improvements to people’s lives. Treatments, vaccines and life-saving policies have all been delivered in record time thanks to large-scale data, advanced analytics and innovative developments in data governance.  

But these benefits must not be limited to COVID-19. They must extend to people living with other conditions such as mental illness, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. And they must be inclusive of and accessible to the entire global population. 

Health Data Research UK’s annual scientific conference will be a free one-day, hybrid event hosted in Birmingham, UK, to celebrate this progress and allow us to come together and build momentum in the health data research revolution.  

What to expect

The event will be a unique opportunity to hear from and exchange ideas with leading national and international figures from the research, industry, health, and charity sectors and patients and the public with lived experiences. It will feature:

  • Keynote talks from internationally leading figures across the health data research sector
  • Interactive panel discussions to share learnings from the rapid progress made as a result of COVID-19, and discuss how this can be harnessed to transform global health and society, with a focus on making sure no groups are excluded 
  • Awards for excellence in health data research
  • Opportunities to engage and collaborate with members of the scientific community, industry, patients and the public.


How to attend

The event is aimed at professionals, students and public members who have an interest in data. It will be hosted in-person at the Eastside Rooms Woodcock Street, Birmingham B7 4BL.

The conference is free to attend and bursaries are available to support travel and/or accommodation expenses for patients and the public. Find out more and apply by 5.00pm on Monday 14 November 2022.  

This event has been organised by a committee from the Health Data Research UK community involving patients, public, researchers and staff.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Vrinda, our Events Officer, at