HDR UK requires the services of a Senior Programme Manager to support ICODA. They will combine oversight and planning of the delivery of all aspects of the programme of activities employing an Agile approach. They will be responsible for smooth running of the overall project. This will require a start-up mindset, working hands on with the rest of the team to put in place initiative-wide processes and procedures and rollout of tooling and usage. The individual will be responsible for the Secretariat support of key Alliance governance bodies and provide delivery oversight of the Workstreams (including Onboarding Partners & Data Contributors; Technology, Workbench DevOps & Service Delivery; Data Standards & Curation; Data Science Enablement; Information Governance & Access; Communications & Engagement; Business & Intellectual Property; and Alliance Governance).

The Senior Programme Manager will report to ICODA’s Executive Director.

This role will learn from and build upon the work of HDR UK.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Co-creating and maintaining with the Driver Project and Workstream Leads, in addition to the ICODA Director and Technical Director, a roadmap to deliver the overall initiative and Driver Projects aligned with ICODA’s overall goals in the presence of uncertainties.
  • Horizon-scanning and identifying key decisions required and provide key information to support timely action
  • Proactively managing progress versus plan, identifying and working with the team to address programme delivery issues and ensure corrective action is in place, with escalation to Driver Project Sponsor or Executive Leadership Team when required
  • Proactively managing risks across the project, ensuring risk status is updated and mitigation actions identified and in place, including creating and managing a Risk Register.
  • Maintaining a high level of knowledge of the entire Alliance programme, its constituent parts and partnerships, risks and interdependencies in order to be able to advise Driver Project Leads, Project Managers and the Executive Leadership Team.
  • Planning and defining Programme and Driver Project resource and budget requirements working with the ICODA Director and Technical Director ensuring that costs are tracked and managed within budget, working with our Finance Team to generate regular reports.
  • Supporting colleagues to create relevant presentation materials to support discussion and decision making at Leadership Team meetings and meetings with Funders and other key stakeholders
  • Establishing and reviewing working group structure, composition, ways of working, organizing meetings and writing up actions and ensuring that they are acted on, tracking progress against targets.
  • Providing simplification on all points of process, ensuring processes meet key requirements and are fit for purpose without overengineering in a start-up environment
  • Providing expertise, advice and implementation skills for systems implementation and setup

Providing support to project managers working within the initiative and among partners.

Planning and Organising:

  • Facilitating the development and regular updating of an integrated project plan to ensure overall initiative and Driver Project(s) deliver the roadmap.
  • Tracking of and reporting on all aspects of project management cycle including progress, budget, milestones etc. to key internal/external stakeholders
  • Creating processes and systems to enable efficient working and process improvement, including working with others to develop tracking systems.
  • Lead as Scrum Master delivering across Workstreams

Problem Solving:

The post-holder will be expected to use problem solving skills to respond to diverse demands.  As part of a small team, the post holder will operate with significant autonomy and will require confidence and resilience in planning and in dealing with enquiries and challenges that arise across the ICODA work programme, requiring a flexible approach, problem solving and decision-making skills.  The post holder will make an effective judgement on when to escalate issues to senior colleagues’ attention and with what urgency.

Decision making:

The post-holder will make all day-to-day operational decisions for their own workload and make recommendations across the International Alliance. They will identify, initiate and develop opportunities for streamlined and effective working and collaboration opportunities with delivery partners and other stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement:

HDR UK is dedicated to continuous improvement through our quality management system and demonstrated by our commitment to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation. The post-holder will review, analyse, identify and implement opportunities for quality improvement within their specialism and as part of the wider team through our strategy development and internal audit processes.

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