Our vision

Our training programmes support and equip scientists for a future where health data research studies can be rapidly taken forward and new connections are unconstrained by traditional discipline and organisational boundaries.

We aim to make the UK the go-to place internationally for data science leadership, poised to attract international leaders and export UK expertise to other countries. Professional Development programmes, for our Virtual Learning Environment, Health Data Research Futures.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Platform

To support our vision, a VLE is required to structure, manage, track, and deliver our learning activities and content. Critical to our success will be ensuring that health data scientists are fully engaged with our content and, as such, an exceptional user experience will be critical.

This should be suitable for external users, with the ability to host self-study, blended learning, and fully live (online) courses.

We expect to port over around 10,000 existing users from the Cornerstone OnDemand platform, with user growth of at least 5,000 per year over the next three years.

We also expect to port over 15 learning pathways and over 150 bite-sized videos and training materials. These also all included tests and automated certificate generation on completion of a learning pathway.

Contract and proposals

The contract will run until 31 March 2028. The MOOC platform should be built using open-source technology (either OpenEdX or Moodle). Proposals should cover the solution brief listed in our full tender document.

When the contract is nearing completion, it should allow for an extension of the agreement or a move to another supplier. The MOOC platform will be hosted in a cloud tenant which would be under the ownership of HDR UK, but fully managed by any prospective vendor.

Key contract elements

  • Development of the new platform
  • Migration of existing data
  • Maintenance and support of the platform
  • Guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) – both for support, and availability of the platform.
  • Hosting of the platform in a Cloud service which would be owned by HDR UK
  • Fully management of the cloud platform under a delegated responsibility model
  • Monitoring of the cloud infrastructure would be the responsibility of any prospective vendor
  • Any code developed will be stored in HDR UK’s GitHub repository.
  • HDR UK’s technology teams would have no involvement in the infrastructure, other than for initial setup of a delegated cloud subscription, ownership of domain names or other assets, which would need to remain under the ownership of HDR UK.

Download the full tender document Click Here