Purpose of the post

The post holder will support cross regional data analysis for a project which is enabling regional, acute hospital admissions data to support vaccine safety research. To enable surveillance and research on the COVID-19 vaccination programme and other rare events there is a critical need for rapid, near real time and more granular acute care admissions data.

This data is needed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the vaccination programme and answer key questions of clinical, regulatory and policy importance, including the incidence of rare adverse events such as vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (VITT).  Current national data feeds are compromised by being dated, incomplete or lacking sufficient diagnostic coding granularity.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Work with existing health data scientists within the BHF Data Science Centre, PIONEER and OneLondon (Discovery) sites to carry out analyses on the curated linked regional data sets as per the cross regional analytical protocol.
  • Access regional, linked health record data across regions, develop and execute re-usable analytic approaches, and undertake statistical analysis
  • Support the data management and curation for the project across each of the regional partners, ensuring co-ordination across teams.
  • Manage processes and deliver across limited timescale, communicating progress, challenges and escalating issues where necessary.
  • Anticipate, communicate and solve any potential problems that may arise with data management/curation/analysis for the project.

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