We are looking for a professional or small team with a research background to support and deliver elements of the design and development of Population Research UK. This will involve a large stakeholder engagement activity offering a dynamic mix of interviews and data collection, problem solving, analysis and research strategy.

We are looking for an initial period of 3 months support between January – April 2021, potentially
extendable up to June 2021 at HDR UK discretion based on emerging need, to support the design and dialogue phase of Population Research UK.

The deliverables that are required under this tender are:

1. Landscape mapping (to complete by 15 February 2021 or two weeks from commencement)

• Build on existing materials to develop a population research landscape report which
summarises the existing initiatives and activities in which PRUK will operate and connect with.
Generate a pictorial / visual output of the LPS research infrastructure.
• Collect and summarise current knowledge generated from public dialogue and engagement with LPS participants.

2. Stakeholder interviews and insight generation (to complete by 15 March 2021 or 6 weeks from

• Organise, design and conduct approx. 30 semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders
relevant to the aims and mission of PRUK (stakeholders identified by HDR UK and PRUK funders).
Capture and synthesise outputs from interviews into useable summaries and recommendations for the design of PRUK.
• Support the planning, design and delivery and subsequent analysis of 2/3 online workshops
with key stakeholders.

3. Consolidation and synthesis of input (to complete by 16 April 2021 or 11 weeks from

• Draw together insights and evidence collected from multiple sources, such as online surveys,
individual and group consultations, to develop proposals and recommendations on the form and
function of PRUK.
• Deliver a final written report that displays the insights in an engaging way, using data
graphics and imagery to bring the insights to life
• This should be developed iteratively, with the developing version, based on emerging
hypotheses, shared on a weekly basis with the HDR UK team, funders and public representatives

The delivery team will be required to engage with existing key operational groups in PRUK, the
Programme Board and Partnership Group, which each meet approximately every 8 weeks. This will involve preparing, writing and producing papers in advance (developed with input from the HDR UK team) and attending the meetings to present findings and respond to feedback.

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