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HDR UK requires the services of a DevOps engineer to work on the next stage of its flagship Innovation Gateway (www.healthdatagateway.org) and associated software services. The Innovation Gateway was released in May 2020 and provides a key resource to discover and access health data resources for researchers and data custodians.  Its primary function is providing visibility to and supporting access requests for data sets by researchers in the UK and around the globe to health data that can support them in their quest to deliver scientific insights, that improve health and healthcare of the UK and worldwide populations.

The Gateway today holds information on over 750 data sets which researchers can securely request access to and is supported by over 60 data custodians across the UK and the globe.

These data sets have supported the publication of over 2,000 impactful papers at the cutting edge of scientific and medical discoveries.

The Gateway has been a critical deliverable in HDR UK’s first quinquennium (5 years) and we are really looking to scale up as we look forward into the future to support 1,000’s of researchers on a global basis discovery and gain access to data in a trustworthy and secure fashion, enabling discoveries that improve people’s lives.

The successful candidate will be expected to work as a integral part of the Gateway agile software development team, providing definition, implementation, operation and management for the infrastructure of healthdatagateway.org (Gateway) and all of its associated services.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the Innovation Gateway’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) deployment
  • Defining all infrastructure as code resources for containers and applications
  • Building and maintaining the CI/CD Pipeline
  • Managing Dev, Staging and Production environments and each fortnightly code release
  • Responsible for tuning database persistence, search tools and application layer (Node.js)
  • Documenting and recording the current technical IT estate and the process of deployment from development to production
  • Ensuring strategy and architectural decisions consider infrastructure implications
  • Provide 3rd Line support to HDR customers
  • Teamwork expectations
    • The Dev-Ops role is a critical team role in agile scrum and a high degree of team working is expected of the successful candidate
    • Collaboration with software development colleagues on CI/CD, Testing and fortnightly deployments across test environment as an integral part of the Gateway agile delivery organisation
    • Working closely with our scrum master and test lead for regular deployments and managing issues that may impact releases
    • Collaboration with the solution architect on decisions that impact infrastructure

To view the full Job Description, including the full list of role responsibilities and requirements, please click the link below.

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