The health data research sector is in search of promising young people with the talent and vision needed to tackle the major challenges facing healthcare.

Shahriar Kabir Khan

Kabir joined HDR UK on a one-year data engineering internship aimed at giving him practical experience in the field after he completed an MSc in AI at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London.

It’s an opportunity that has done much to shape his thinking about his future career. On the technical side he has been extracting data from websites, analysing it and performing data visualisation. His work has meant that researchers have immediate access to data they can use.

Kabir, who came to the UK from Bangladesh in order to study computer science, has also been involved in developing a machine learning model and a deep learning model to automate tasks.

More broadly, the internship has given Kabir the chance to be part of a growing organisation – collaborating with different departments, chairing daily online staff meetings and carrying out a variety of other roles.

Having seen the practical difference his work is already to making to researchers he is now thinking about staying in the sector. Indeed, he is considering spending a couple more years gaining practical experience before applying to take a PhD with the idea of becoming a researcher himself.

Kabir’s career path:

  • BSc in Computer Science from University of Hertfordshire
  • Mobile Application developer at a market research company in London
  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at QMUL
  • HDR UK Data Engineering intern.