The initial delivery phase of the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway will focus on delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) across four areas to support the discovery and access management to datasets across the UK Health Data Research Alliance and the Digital Innovation Hubs:

  • Discover Data:a common point of access providing a view of available datasets, enabled by federated metadata management and search tools to provide improved visibility, comparability and navigation of existing datasets.
  • Access Data:that retains data controllers’ requirements but helps harmonise processes, reduce transaction costs and improve speed of access to critical important datasets for research and innovation.
  • Federated Authentication: to support the use of the Discovery and Access Management functionality that will help to identify the priority of datasets and identify gaps that need to be addressed with new datasets.
  • Visibility: provide a common repository for the technical, business and operation metadata from a rich variety of datasets from the Alliance and Hubs to support search and exploration by users from industry and academia.

The Gateway will build on infrastructure and best practices that already exist in the UK. Wherever possible, we are working in partnership to evolve existing assets and commercial agreements. Where new solutions are needed, we will be going to market for existing ‘best of breed’ solutions and will only custom develop where a suitable product or application does not already exist.

Visit the Gateway Development page for more information on the Development of Phase 1

The second phase of the development of the Gateway will be delivered through a Technology Partnership that will bring together best of breed capability to expand on search capability including support for deep semantic search, enable federated analytics, linking of de-identified datasets from different data controllers without requiring the datasets to be co-located and integration into a range of trusted research environments. This second phase will deliver a game changing exemplary end-to-end user experience for both researchers and innovators who wish to work with the UK’s rich health data assets whilst retaining security and public visibility of how the data is used and the results achieved.