Based on the successful Hubs model and the incredible potential to improve health and care across more areas, Health Data Research is interested in working with potential leads, funders and commercial organisations to develop new Hubs.  

Although there is no new funding available from HDR UK, we want to help others learn from our experience of setting up Hubs.  To support this, HDR UK has created a playbook and set of resources to share the learning and Hub model. The full playbook is available on request from HDR UK.   

Link to Hub Playbook overview 

Link to Hub overview 

Link to Hub business case 

Link to Hub concept outline 

We are currently supporting the development of Hub concepts in several areas, including surgery and maternal health. HDR UK has also recently completed a design and dialogue programme on behalf of three funders (the Economic and Social Research Council, the Medical Research Council and Wellcome) to scope how UK longitudinal population studies (studies that track groups of individuals over time) could be supported by a data Hub.    

Working with potential Hub leads

If you are interested in leading a new Health Data Hub, we will providea structured design process including concept, operations, staffing requirements, ways of working and public and patient involvement to develop a compelling case to approach potential funders.   

Working with funders

We work in partnership with research funders to design and deliver funding calls that deliver new Hubs to support funding strategy HDR UK can also play an active role in the management and delivery of the new Hub, ensuring that the Hub delivers intended impacts. Hubs can be focused on a single disease; and we also welcome interest for Hubs on cross-disease topics or types of data.   

Working with industry and commercial organisations

To date, Health Data Research Hubs have delivered over 100 projects for industry. To deepen our partnerships with industry, we encourage expressions of interest to co-design new Hubs and solutions for new areas to provide services that will enable data-led research, insights and improve patient outcomes.   

Getting in touch

Dr James Pickett, our dedicated Hub Development Manager, provides support, expertise and introductions within HDR UK and across the data and research sector. If you have an idea for a new Health Data Research Hub, please contact to discuss.