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Health Data Research Lifecycle

Diagram identifying key stages of the Health Data Science Lifecycle: Research planning; Data Capture and Storage; Trustworthy Data Sharing; Analysis; Outputs and Impact; Engagement

The HDR Global programme is dedicated to establishing equitable partnerships and enabling exemplar studies to accelerate scientific discovery through improved and sustainable data infrastructure and governance while building capabilities and promoting community and policy engagement throughout the entire health data re-use project lifecycle, including: 

  • Research Planning 
  • Data Capture and Storage 
  • Trustworthy Data Sharing 
  • Data Analysis 
  • Communication of Outputs and Impact 
  • Stakeholder Engagement 

Data Infrastructure and Governance

Working with our partners, we aim to develop equitable and trustworthy approaches to accelerate data access, reuse and analysis, focused on data infrastructure, technology governance, standards and policies that are appropriate for specific contexts.  

Capacity Development and Training

At HDR Global, we work in partnership to build capabilities in health data infrastructure and information governance for researchers and health practitioners in LMICs, through landscaping, identifying skills gaps and enabling uptake and use of resources and training.

Community and Wider Stakeholder Engagement

At HDR Global, we work in partnership to empower researchers to engage and involve communities and policy makers in their research. Our goal is to ensure that research insights from data science approaches address community needs and inform policy and practice, ultimately improving health outcomes.