Doctor compares tablet information with ECG monitor
Doctor compares tablet information with ECG monitor

What do we mean by the ‘Diabetes Data Science Catalyst’?

Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are closely related, with cardiovascular diseases being the cause of death in around two thirds of people with diabetes. However, there remain many unanswered research questions about the links between diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and how best to target treatments to reduce the adverse consequences of both diseases.

What are we doing?

The Diabetes Data Science Catalyst will support research of relevance to both diabetes and cardiovascular diseases through use of health data, data science and advanced analytics such as artificial intelligence (AI). It will enable researchers to better understand the links between diabetes and cardiovascular disease; facilitate a deeper understanding of the causes and progression of diabetes as a major cardiovascular risk factor; and drive improvements in treatment and prevention of diabetes, with associated reductions in cardiovascular disease.

Our planned work includes:

  • Providing guidance for researchers wishing to use diabetes datasets for research
  • Supporting and enabling researchers to better interpret and utilise healthcare systems data
  • Extending the research potential of diabetes cohorts
  • Supporting driver projects that drive forward the use of health data in diabetes research