About the event

HDR UK and Inspirata invite you to a virtual discussion of key insights from a recent endeavour into health data quality assessment.

The webinar is open to anyone, but is particularly useful for those who are custodians of health data, or who use health data in their work.

Discussion Topics

Drawing on experiences evaluating the quality of datasets published on the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway, this joint webinar will cover:

• What constitutes data quality — how is it measured and how is it achieved?

• A comparison of open (free) data quality assessment software

• An introduction to data profiling and relevant data-profiling tools

• An overview of data quality assessment best practices

Webinar Presenters:

• Ben Gordon, Executive Director: Hubs and Data Improvement, Heath Data Research UK

• Dr Trevor Heritage, SVP Cancer Informatics, Inspirata

Please register for the webinar to receive the link to join closer to the time of the meeting.

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