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COVID-19 has generated the biggest global threat to health, livelihoods, and society of our lifetimes. In the past year it has devastated lives, created an economic crisis and stretched the healthcare and scientific community to its limits.

Despite this, the pandemic has united science and led to some of the greatest collaborative research and discoveries of our lifetime.

World-leaders across healthcare, research and industry have created a powerful alliance, enabling health data to inform the pivotal research response to COVID-19. As the UK national institute for health data science, Health Data Research UK has worked in partnership to enable these discoveries across the four nations and internationally.

Our Annual Scientific Conference – Data Insights in a Pandemic will demonstrate the insights and value that a data-led approach has delivered; and showcase the incredible discoveries that have taken place over the last 12 months that establish a strong foundation for the future.

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Attendees will hear from leading national and international figures from the research, technology and healthcare sectors in this free, one-day conference; to share their learnings and discuss future priorities, so that we can work together to shape the post pandemic health data and research landscape in the UK and globally.

This event will connect and inform a broad international audience that includes scientists, innovators, researchers, technologists, patients and the public by:

  • Showcasing how health data is advancing international science
  • Sharing insights from the rapid scientific progress realised through COVID-19 to shape the post-pandemic health data science landscape
  • Bringing together members of the scientific community and providing opportunities for future collaboration

With a varied programme of talks, panel discussions and breakouts, the event will connect the health data community with plenty of opportunities for the audience to contribute during the day.

Headline speakers include:

  • Maria Van Kerkhove, World Health Organisation
  • Devi Sridhar, University of Edinburgh
  • Ian Diamond, Office for National Statistics
  • Sharon Peacock, COG-UK
  • John Danesh, University of Cambridge

Further speakers to be announced soon.

Aims & content

This conference aims to inform and educate a broad audience, by showcasing world-class science which delivers impact nationally and globally. HDR UK will bring together the health data science community across the Institute, as well as the broader UK and international health data science communities – including public and patients – to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

This event will also aim to begin to shape the post-COVID health data science landscape. Speakers will demonstrate how the health data research community has innovated to deliver rapid progress thorough the pandemic, and the challenges they have faced, whilst taking a look to what lies in store for the future.

Advisory committee

Our advisory committee for the event includes:

  • Aziz Sheikh, BREATHE – The Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health & University of Edinburgh
  • Nadeem Sarwar, Eisai
  • Nicky Best, GSK
  • Debbie Keatley, PPIE representative
  • Jillian Hastings, PPIE representative
  • Fatemeh Torabi, HDR UK Fellow & Swansea University
  • Theo Arvanitis, University of Warwick
  • Emma Whitfield, HDR UK PhD Programme & UCL

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The Health Data Research UK Annual Scientific Conference is taking place alongside the Government Office for Science COVID-19 National Core Studies Symposium, which will showcase the progress on each of the six National Core Studies and their impact on UK COVID science, life sciences industry, and policy.

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HDR UK Annual Awards

Each year, we award three prizes at the conference:

  1. Impact of the Year
  2. Team of the Year
  3. Best Lightning Talk

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