Event objectives 

We are now over halfway through our first quinquennium (5-year funding period), and preparations for our quinquennial review by our core funders are well underway. Through a series of collaborative meetings, we are coming together as a national research institute, crossing disciplines and organisations to co-develop an innovative vision for the second quinquennium of HDR UK (2023-2028).  

Simplifying and standardising data access governance processes the potential to dramatically speed up data access in a way that is transformational for the health data research community and patients and is one of the main priorities for the next quinquennium.  

In this workshop, we will discuss the aims of the Ethics, Governance and Trust workstream and will seek input from partners and organisations across the four nations. 

 Who should attend? 

This workshop is open to all Alliance members, data custodians, researchers, regulators and funders as well as current and future partners and members of the HDR UK community. We would welcome and encourage all to attend to contribute at this key stage, as this is integral to our current and future work to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. 

 Further details 

This meeting will be held via Zoom and in person. Please register to receive the joining details. 

We will store registration details for this meeting for a period of up to five years. 

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