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HDR UK are leading, on behalf of ESRC, MRC and Wellcome Trust, the scoping of a new research initiative called Population Research UK that maximises the insights, innovations and research efficiency of the UK’s world leading social and biomedical data assets, including Longitudinal Population Studies (LPS).

The vision of Population Research UK (PR UK) is to enable new insights and improved outcomes for the UK population by enabling a greater understanding of the complex interplay between biological, social, economic and environmental determinants of health, social and economic outcomes. This will be achieved through creating an open, long-term data infrastructure, which unites LPS data assets across biological and social sciences, and that promotes co-ordination, data sharing, and enables answering high-impact research questions that a single LPS cannot address alone.

To define user needs from Population Research UK, HDR UK is leading on behalf of the funders an open programme of dialogue with data owners and processors, data users and the public to design PR UK, to put user needs at the centre of its specification. Throughout the design and dialogue phase, HDR UK will take a partnership approach to learn from and bring together existing initiatives that support and deliver LPS research. The following phase of PR UK, expected to be announced in autumn 2021, will be a Call specification, joint between the three funders, for leadership and partners to deliver PR UK, informed by the design and dialogue phase.

To mark the start of design and dialogue process, and to provide more information about the initiative and how to be involved HDR UK, ESRC, MRC and Wellcome Trust invite you to sign up for the launch webinar.

The session will involve:

  • Introduction and welcome – HDR UK
  • The background and vision to Population Research UK – ESRC, MRC and Wellcome Trust
  • Design and dialogue phase; intentions, timelines and emerging thinking – HDR UK
  • Q&A

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