Please join us for the live online launch for the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) phase for the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway, presented by Health Data Research UK’s CTO, Gerry Reilly, on Friday 5 July. The MVP for the Innovation Gateway will focus on improving the discoverability of UK health data for research and innovation as well as streamlining access request processing.

This is the first stage of our exciting journey to build a common portal to radically enhance the research and innovation journey for health data science from discovery of data through to delivery of world class research and innovation.

Participants will hear about the vision for the Innovation Gateway, and find out about details of the development for the MVP.

Register your interest in the live webinar here

This webinar is aimed both at those with general interest in the Gateway, and potential suppliers wanting to learn more about being involved in developing the Gateway. A recording will be available on our website after the webinar is complete.