Older patients, especially older adult inpatients, are traditionally underserved by clinical research. This inequity in research could inadvertently lead to inequity in healthcare and presents a challenge for all those delivering care to older patients. It is well documented that older adults are frequent users of hospital services, especially emergency care. Therefore, the opportunity to utilise hospital electronic health records to better understand late-life health, and the needs of the older adult patient population, is an attractive prospect.

In this talk, I will review experiences at Addenbrooke’s Hospital of using routinely collected hospital data for service evaluation and research in older adults. Can this relatively novel data resource meaningfully add to our ability to address the challenges of frailty and ageing and what are its advantages and pitfalls?’

Zoom link: https://sanger.zoom.us/j/99120305869pwd=dHkwc3hsME5QQ1VuenZ2eXZ4YTNpZz09

This talk is part of the HDR UK Cambridge Seminar Series series.

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