This PhD summer school is being convened by Health Data Research UK in partnership with Roche. It is being led by Professor Christopher Yau, our PhD Programme Director, enabled through the UKRI Turing AI Fellowship. It is part of the immersion week series of the HDR UK-Turing-Wellcome PhD programme in Health Data Science.

Summer school topic:

The purpose of this Summer School is to provide an intensive period of industry-led training in health data science for PhD students. The featured topic of this summer school is single-cell imaging analysis.

During the event, participants will be introduced to the scientific utility of spatial single-cell imaging analysis. You will learn about the biological questions that motivate the use of spatial single-cell analysis, the technologies allowing data to be acquired, and the workflow of data processing required to convert acquired images into research-ready molecular and cellular analysis datasets. There will be time for you to work in small groups to explore some exemplar data sets and tackle some research questions under the guidance of Roche scientists.

Follow-on internships:

As part of the summer school, you will have an opportunity to submit follow-on work for competitive internships made exclusively available by Roche to HDR UK. Further information will be provided to you at the summer school.


Candidates are expected to:

  1. Be studying for a PhD in a substantively quantitative subject,
  2. Have experience in biomedical or health data research,
  3. Possess mature and competent scientific programming abilities in Python or R.

This summer school is unlikely to be suitable if you already have direct research experience of spatial single-cell analysis.

If you wish to apply for internships, you will need to be eligible to work in the UK, EU or Switzerland.

Registration cost

Your registration fee (£100) will cover:

  • Tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Coffee/light refreshments and
  • Two school-organised dinners.

You are responsible for their own meal arrangements at all other times. If you are invited to participate, fees must be paid within 10 working days to ensure your place is secured.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at