During the pandemic there have been few opportunities to bring the HDR UK together in person – something that’s fundamental in our mission to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives.

The Institute  is committed to working in partnership at local, regional and national level to deliver on our mission for the remainder of our first five years and into our second five years.

From early September through to March 2023 we plan to hold a series of community meetings that will bring together colleagues from the Institute Office, the regions and nations. The idea is to strengthen relationships, build the network and maintain engagement across HDR UK as a UK-wide Institute as we move into post-pandemic normality.

The events will be a chance to focus on how HDR UK can add value to local health data science priorities’ and also enable leverage of further programmatic funding. They will also showcase ongoing work, celebrate successes from HDR UK’s first five years and consider how this sets us up to deliver on our future strategy.

Regional meetings are scheduled in England for:

  • Liverpool: 8 Sep
  • Bristol: 21 Sep
  • Birmingham: 13 Oct
  • London: 8 Dec
  • Oxford: 16 Feb
  • Cambridge: 23 Mar

Separate events will be help in the other UK nations recognising the geographic separation and difference in community members.

  • Wales: Swansea, 17 Nov
  • Scotland: Edinburgh, 24 Jan
  • Northern Ireland: Belfast, 9 Mar.

Details of the speakers, the schedule, exact location and for registration will be provided in advance of each event.