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Who we are?

The UK Health Data Research Alliance is an independent alliance of data providers, custodians and curators dedicated to improving human health by maximising the potential of health data at scale.

What is our aim?

A data access register is a public record of the type of data an organization has shared, along with details on the purpose and recipients of this data. However, there is a lot of variation in the accessibility, availability and content of registers.

One of the workstreams of the Alliance focuses on aligning approaches to Data Access Registers, where the main objective is to develop a set of standards that can be adopted by most data custodians.

What to expect?

As part of our work to improve access to health data, we would like to build on previous discussion and invite you to another workshop on Tuesday 13th April 10:30-12:30.

This time we are bringing together data custodians, researchers, innovators and members of the public to collectively review and discuss our findings on data access registers.

We will share the insight and learning captured from previous workshops, as well as a current state analysis of data access registers and we will discuss proposed recommendations for a preliminary set of standards for data access registers.

Join the discussion!

Your insight, experience and knowledge will be valuable in informing the work of UK Health Data Research Alliance. With your support and endorsement, we hope to get agreement on a set of recommendations for a minimum standard that most custodians can adopt.

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An agenda and supporting material will be circulated closer to the date.

Register for this workshop