DHIs are interventions delivered via digital technologies (such as websites, smartphones, emails or text messaging) to improve health and healthcare.

The workshop is funded by the MRC Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research, and will include presentations on the following topics:

  • Current use of DHI in clinical trials (Dr Susanna Dodd, University of Liverpool)
  • Methodological issues in DHI evaluation (Professor Elizabeth Murray, UCL)
  • Public Health England approach to DHI evaluation (Dr Kassandra Karpathakis, PHE)
  • Health economic evaluation of DHIs (Professor James Raftery, University of Southampton)

Workshop attendees will be invited to present a 5-minute session describing their experience of running, or methodological issues in, DHI trials. The workshop will culminate in an “Issues to consider” publication to inform the wider trial community of the challenges and approaches for evaluation of DHIs.

We welcome expressions of interest from clinical trials unit statisticians, IS developers, health economists and chief investigators with experience of designing, conducting and/or analysing DHI trials. Those interested in attending are asked to complete the attached registration form and return it to Susanna Dodd (s.r.dodd@liv.ac.uk) by Monday 14th October, including a brief description of their experience of designing, conducting and/or analysing DHI trials.

Registration Form