Data Science and AI technologies are already having a major impact on business and society — from early and accurate diagnosis of medical problems, to building cost-effective operations.

For healthcare, data has the potential to reshape the industry in the UK. Patient outcomes can be improved through the insight and intelligence that data can provide, making diagnosis faster, increasing the speed of research and delivering more efficient service planning. But what steps are being taken to apply these skills to real world problems?

Hosted in partnership with Cambridge Spark and with guest speaker Dr Watjana Lilaonitkul, this webinar will explore how machine learning & AI is currently being used across the wider healthcare landscape, the challenges data scientists face and how they are using their skills to drive success.

This webinar will be recorded using MS Teams.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Cambridge Spark & HDR UK
  • The L7 AI & Data Science Apprenticeship
  • What are the Implications of machine learning to wider healthcare
  • Current research in data science: exploring the challenges & successes
  • Q&A

Who should join this event?

  • Experienced professionals already using Python to work with complex datasets on a regular basis, who want to apply the latest cutting-edge data science and AI tools in their work
  • Early Careers candidates looking to advance their career as a data scientist

About Cambridge Spark

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