Bimonthly Science Webinar: Harnessing data science to improve mental health

Tuesday 10th May 11:00-12:00 GMT

Traditionally, mental health research has relied on studies that collect data over a specified follow up time in a defined group of recruited participants. More recently, anonymised information from healthcare records and remote monitoring data sources have evolved as new, rich sources of data to complement traditional research methods. Together, they give us a wealth of information to accelerate progress in mental health care and address the longstanding disadvantages that people with mental health conditions have had to face.

To mark Mental Health Awareness week from 9-15 May 2022, we’re joined by two expert groups to discuss the progress that is being made in harnessing data science to improve care in mental health. And, importantly, how this progress is being guided by close involvement with people who have lived experiences – making sure they influence not just the security of technologies used to support this research, but also the questions that are being answered.

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The Networked Data Lab

The Networked Data Lab are a pioneering collaborative network of analysts who use linked data, open analytics and public and patient involvement to tackle the most pressing challenges in health and social care. By capitalising on local data assets, and knowledge of these data assets, the network are able to conduct new analyses that cannot be done at a national level because of a lack of available linked data.

In a fire-side chat-style discussion, four members of the team will present their latest report exploring how children and young people’s access to mental health services, and the severity of their mental health difficulties, has been affected by the pandemic

  •  Matthew Chisambi – Associate Director for Transformation, ICHP
  •  Clare McCrudden – Patient and Pubic Involvement and Engagement Lead, Institute of Global Health Innovation
  •  Roberto Fernandez-Crespo – Analytics Fellow, Institute of Global Health Innovation
  •  Evgeniy Galimov – Data Scientist, ICHP

Professor Richard Dobson: Delivering insights from electronic health records and mobile data

Richard Dobson is Professor of Biomedical and Health Informatics at the Institute of Health Informatics, UCL, as well as Professor of Medical Informatics at King’s College London and lead for Bioinformatics and mHealth at the Mausley BRC.

Richard will be talking to us about how he and his group derive insights from real-world data, including electronic health records for research and population health management, and the use of patient generated generated data from mobile devices for digital markers. These novel approaches are helping him map the trajectory of patients with serious mental illnesses and multimorbidities, to ultimately improve care and inform future research.