The BHF Data Science Centre is a partnership between the British Heart Foundation and Health Data Research UK which enables researchers to access and use health data from across the UK in the best way possible to improve the public’s cardiovascular health.

The BHF Data Science Centre makes it easier for researchers across the UK to collaborate and securely access the latest and most relevant health data, speeding up research and helping to answer vital questions about heart and circulatory diseases to improve health in the UK and beyond. Our work spans a wide range of heart and circulatory diseases, including heart attacks, heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, stroke, peripheral vascular disease and vascular dementia.

We hold a monthly webinar series to share the latest research and news from across all areas of our work, including the CVD-COVID-UK / COVID-IMPACT consortium.

This month, Dr Michelle Williams, Associate Director for Imaging Data, BHF Data Science Centre and Dr Jackie MacArthur, Research Project Manager, BHF Data Science Centre, will be presenting on “Using Imaging Data to Better Understand Cardiovascular Disease”.

This event is primarily aimed at the cardiovascular and imaging research community and will include scientific presentations. It may also be of interest to public and patients with an interest in this area.

This webinar is primarily aimed at the cardiovascular research community and data custodians, and will include scientific presentations.

For those unable to attend, a recording of both presentations will be uploaded onto our YouTube channel.

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